Crisis Management Consulting

Crisis Management Consulting

All companies face many crises during their professional progress, which they may be able to deal with some of, but they may be unable to deal with others at some times, and need someone specializing in providing crisis management consulting service to get through these crisis with the least possible damage.

In this article, we will talk about marketing in crisis times and how marketing companies can help you overcome crises, avoid their damages, and use them to develop your business instead of just overcoming them through its crisis management services.


How does the marketing company help you deal with crises?

Many marketing companies specialize in helping all companies get out safely from the crises they face and help them overcome them with the least possible loss.

The following are the main lines followed by emergency management consulting companies in their management of various crises.


  • Talk to clients

These crises usually pass everyone by with great losses, and of course your customers are also not far from them and are not in their best conditions financially or morally.

The first real step to dealing with a crisis is to speak with the customer transparently, find out how he thinks, and analyze this matter to develop your new strategy that adapts to those changing circumstances or handle unexpected events. There are clients that you may lose forever because of this crisis. If you discover that and it becomes inevitable, you must deal with the current matter, and go immediately to look for others.

But if the customer is only apprehensive, and this is normal, all you have to do here is talk to him. Where the role of marketing companies here comes in speaking with transparency and clarity, and explaining their role as marketers in finding the best opportunities during crises, passing through difficult situations in the best possible way, and then finding alternative marketing strategies, to deal with the matter in the best possible way.

Marketing companies or Crisis and security consulting companies initially talk to the owner of the company, the customer directly, – if it possible – and avoid talking to intermediaries in that case, so that there is no defect in the delivery of information that may affect matters negatively.


  • Finding alternative opportunities and trying positively with the situation

Emergency management consulting company seek to allocate two different sections in dealing with the crisis, one section avoids the crisis, and tries to distance itself from the crisis or ignore it (as if it does not exist), and the other section tries to exploit it as an advantage.

Marketing companies also seek to analyze the customer situation in a very deep way to explore real opportunities, and in these circumstances there are two basic strategies to pass through this crisis:

  • Passing the time with the least possible loss

Marketing companies rely in their marketing to companies facing a crisis on two strategies that are linked to each other:

  • The first: is to build brand awareness.
  • The second: is to bring customers “Generating Leads”.

And if we assume that this crisis will last for only a few months (which we cannot confirm, of course), then in this case we have the following two strategies:

The first is to take advantage of the time and continue to build the brand in the best possible way and the highest quality.

Such as building website, and trying to take advantage of the time to write the required marketing content with the highest possible quality, in order to be ready, and when this crisis begins to pass and disappear gradually, we begin to exploit the power of the brand and our promotional publications that try to spread the name of the brand, In an effort to guide buyers to make purchase decisions, after the fear of ambiguity about the current crisis is gone.

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  • Exploiting the opportunity in the crisis

The second strategy is that we try to take advantage of the situation in our favor, such as helping employees to run their work from home – remotely –  during periods of epidemics with ease, and the tendency to try to find products and services among what they provide that help people pass through the crisis and raise the productivity of companies.


  • Deal with material carefully

Our work in marketing with companies depends on the long-term relationship, because marketing can only produce results in the medium and long term, and either the results that come quickly will either go quickly, or they will not fully reflect the picture for you.

Therefore, among what we are trying to do in the midst of the crisis is to try either to reduce the financial burden on these companies, because they suffer like other companies, by helping them reduce their expenses without putting pressure on the company’s customers so that they do not lose them because of the crisis.

For example, it is possible to reduce what they pay in advertisements, and this of course varies according to the company and its nature.

There are companies that really it is better for them in this crisis to avoid spending more money on advertising and promotion, but there are also companies that prefer to spend more on advertising because they want to exploit the situation positively for their benefit. The situation here differs from one company to another, and each of these companies needs to design a strategy tailored to it that suits its situation and the way it is affected by the crisis.


At Squid Nomad, we provide you with our crisis management solutions, that are specifically designed to deal with unexpected events, mitigate the impact of negative publicity on your company, and maintain your brand image.

A group of our experienced marketing experts who are trained at the highest level will help you in managing your current crisis, to deal with all crises facing all companies with their various specializations.

Contact us now and overcome your current crisis with the most innovative and effective methods of crisis management that we offer you at Squid Nomad, and start turning your ordeal into a grant and a wonderful opportunity to develop your own business.

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