Production & Animation

Our talented team know the real impact of visually stunning and engaging video content on any brand; that's why we offer various production services to support your business by bringing your ideas to life.

Squid Nomad is a full-service video production hub, but better as we got you covered in complete branding and digital marketing solutions. Our video marketing solutions include pre-production planning, scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation and video Production, voiceover, and more, all in one package.

Our team of artists is experienced in creating high-quality visual content that takes your videos to the next level with top-notch technologies, including Hi-tech 2D and 3D motion graphics, screencast explainers, typography animations, and cinematography. Whoever you're, we'll create an explainer video that conveys your message and converts your audience.

Does Your Business Facesome of these challenges?

  • Limited Production Resources
  • No Views
  • No User Engagement
  • Creative differences between team members
  • Budget constraints

We are dedicated to overcoming all of these challenges and driving amazing results with our Production & Animation solutions

Solutions Covered UnderOur Production Solutions

Spokesperson & Vlog Videos
We can turn written content and ideas into engaging visual content that grapes attention. These videos can increase the time audience “visitors” spend on your website, improve your SEO, and be a powerful source for social media marketing.
Whiteboard Animation Videos
It’s a cost-effective and versatile option for animated explainer videos, as it’s easy to modify layers and objects; this makes whiteboard animation videos an excellent choice for limited budgets companies.
Motion Graphics Videos
Motion graphics videos are a form of digital storytelling through animated characters and environments. These videos are more visually appealing and connect with the audience more effectively.
Hi-tech 2D Motion Graphics Animation
If you want to captivate your audience with high-quality videos that feel real and grab their attention, Look no further, Hi-tech 2D Motion Graphics Animation is the best option before going into more complicated and expensive 3D animation production.
Screencast Explainers Videos
Screencast Explainers Videos are one of the most efficient videos as they can process information 60 000 times faster than text and are preferred by 84% of consumers over reading. Additionally, Screencast Explainers Videos will help showcase a service or product to your audience, increase your sales in return, and save money spent on customer support.
Typography Animation Videos
Typographic animation is a great way to create impactful and memorable videos that bring words to life in a budget-friendly and quick-to-produce manner, whether for a logo introduction or an explainer video.

Are Your BusinessFacing Some OfThese Challenges?


A lack of specific objectives for a marketing campaign can result in ineffective marketing strategies.

No Defined Goal

if the strategy is not aligned with the business goals, your marketing campaigns will not drive the desired results.

Effort Not Getting Goals

Too many goals lead to inefficiencies, lack of focus, and a reduction in the impact of the marketing campaign.

Too Many Goals With A Limited Budget

Many business owners struggle with ineffective marketing strategies and poor execution of marketing efforts. due to a lack of expertise and industry knowledge.

Lack Of Expertise

Marketing can be a resource-intensive process for a time, personnel, and equipment. Many businesses may not have the resources to handle it.

Inadequate Resources

For small business owners, a limited budget can limit the scope of a marketing campaign and often let it takes a back seat. This can create a need for more cost-effective and optimized marketing strategies.

Limited Budget

Get your message heard loud on the way to and clearwith Squid Nomad's production services!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Production include?
Production services may include pre-production planning, graphic designing, sound design, photography, scriptwriting, filming or animating, post-production editing and effects, storyboarding, and other creative services.
How does Production impact search engine optimization (SEO)?
Search engines favor websites with valuable content and a high engaging rate which can be achieved through high-quality visual content.
How can production and animation impact my business?
Through production and animation, companies can represent engaging visual content that effectively delivers the brand message, increases brand awareness, and showcase the brand’s products or services. High-quality visual content that captures attention can help brands stand out.
How long does it take to produce content?
Time varies depending on the availability of resources and the project’s complexity; this is why it’s essential to hire a professional agency for your production services that can drive your project within the agreed timeframe and budget.
Do You provide support after the project is completed?
We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure our client’s satisfaction with the result.