Whiteboard Animation Video Production in Saudi Arabia

Whiteboard Animation Video Production in Saudi Arabia


Whiteboard animation video production in Saudi Arabia has gained a lot of importance over the past few years amidst other types of video, as it offers many marketing advantages to various companies.

If you want to make your story engaging, unique, and fun to be watched by your audience, whiteboard animation videos might be the perfect choice for you.

A fresh and unique way to share your message, whiteboard animations are simple, welcoming, and effective.

Below we show you what this technology is, some benefits of whiteboard videos that prove its efficiency, and how it can be a powerful promotional tool for your brand or project.


What is Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard animation or whiteboard videos are one of the most popular types of videos right now.

This technology is considered the best illustration tool for explaining scientific content in a fun and smooth way.

Whiteboard animation is a form of video in which steady images are drawn on a white screen, and unlike other types of videos, whiteboard videos are much more focused and reach the goal directly, so they are increasingly used as a means of callout and propaganda as well.

It can be defined as a video consisting of pictures, graphs, and words drawn in front of the screen on a whiteboard using a pen. These graphics are accompanied by an audio commentary that tells the story in front of the viewer in a simple and attractive template.

Video design begins with creating a series of traditional lines and shadowless blackboard scenes, recording them, and then arranging them to be shown sequentially in the video.

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What is The Importance of Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard video started more than a decade ago and has achieved overwhelming success since that time, as this type of video focused on simplifying books and serious topics in difficult fields such as economics and psychology, and in just one year it received over 46 million views, and since then its popularity has continued to be on the rise even today.

Since childhood, we have become accustomed to seeing a teacher holding a pen to write on the board, which means that there is important information that he wants to explain to make its way into our minds. Whiteboard videos use animation to make it easier for viewers to understand complex information and stay focused throughout the video message.


What Are The Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Video?

There are many advantages associated with whiteboard animation video technology, which make it an ideal technology for many companies in directing effective and targeted messages to their customers.

Below we present the most important of these advantages that whiteboard videos occupy.


  • Explain complex ideas easily

Whiteboard animation videos are an effective way to share even the most complex ideas, by simply explaining them. Interactive visuals, along with a catchy melody or voiceover, help your audience comfortably understand your message.


  • Get viewers’ attention

Whiteboard animation video has a feature that is not available in any other type of video, which is animation while drawing. While the painter’s hand moves to explain the rich visual information to the viewer, and the viewer’s eye follows the movement of the hand while writing so that the brain’s ability to understand and store information increases.

This type of video stimulates more than one type of human intelligence at the same time, auditory and visual intelligence in addition to kinesthetic intelligence, and the symbols on which the whiteboard video design is based stimulate the brain to pay attention so that it can interpret it, which helps the viewer to remember information more largely.


  • Engage viewers

High-quality whiteboard video will provide an engaging visual experience for your audience. The combination of attractive visuals, movement, and carefully chosen tones will attract viewers and keep them watching your video.


  • Convince your audience

The engaging and intriguing nature of whiteboard animations makes them a powerful tool if you’re looking to impress your audience and persuade them to take a certain behavior or action.


  • Cost saving video

Whiteboard video is one of the most economical types of video compared to 3D animation or traditional motion picture video. This is why this type of video is an ideal marketing video if you want to add video for the first time to your marketing strategy.


Uses of whiteboard animation videos

Whiteboard animation video technology can be used in many fields, as it is a flexible and ideal technology that works to serve all businesses in various disciplines.

Here are some examples of uses of whiteboard video technology:

  • Online meetings: Online whiteboards are ideal if you want to perform collaborative processes in your online meeting.
  • Digital workshops via online whiteboard: you can fully digitize your workshops and keep them remote if necessary.
  • Whiteboard presentations: Whiteboard presentations are characterized by their flexibility to visualize what you want to show.
  • Brainstorming: Generating ideas is very easy and creative if all the people you are discussing are in the same room.
  • Planning: If you are planning your next marketing event or want to implement a more flexible working way, the online whiteboard supports many different planning activities and techniques.
  • Education: There are several ways to use the blackboard online for teaching. An online whiteboard allows you to improve distance learning and distance education.


All of the above was an overview of whiteboard animation technology, its importance, and its most important uses nowadays, which many different companies and businesses have realized to effectively market their products or services, capture the attention of their audience and interact with them more.

With the increasing importance of this technology, many whiteboard animation video production companies in Saudi Arabia offer this type of video to help various companies take advantage of it.

At Squid Nomad, we provide you with designing whiteboard animation video services to facilitate the messages that you want to deliver to your customers and obtain the greatest amount of interaction through them, and then obtain the best marketing results that are reflected in increasing your profits.

Contact us now and get your video at the lowest cost and get the highest rate of views through this unique technology.

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