Social Media Management

No one can deny the strong impact of social media on our life; social media platforms are no longer a place to post personal updates and photos only. Now it's one of the powerful tools that can drive success and growth for any brand, whether by increasing brand awareness or even generating leads for sales.

As Squid Nomad, we will give you a hand in approaching social media. We will create a head-turning presence across different online platforms involving crafting ideas, monitoring insights, optimizing, and tracking your engagement and conversions.

Does Your Business Facesome of these challenges?

  • Social media efforts don’t catch up to expectations
  • Measure the wrong metrics
  • Rely on automation
  • Use irrelevant hashtags
  • Treat all social media marketing platforms the same
  • Buying followers
  • Cross-posting on different social media platforms

We are dedicated to overcoming all of these challenges and driving amazing results with our social media management

Solutions Covered UnderOur Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy
Our talented team can offer a social media strategy that increases your brand awareness, generate leads, and increase conversion rate. We can help you navigate through different platforms according to your business needs.

  • Facebook Advertising: Help you drive conversion and target the right audience.
  • Twitter Advertising: With more than 302 million monthly active users, you can reach a diverse and broader audience segment.
  • Instgram Advertising: Reach a visually-driven audience with effective Instagram advertisements and strengthen your brand.
  • LinkedIn advertising: Strengthen your B2B connection and network with peers on the world’s largest professional network.
  • Youtube Advertising: reach the video-driven audience and promote your business through the second-largest search engine in the world today.
  • TikTok & Snapchat Advertising: promote your business through one of the hottest trend-making platforms.
Content Creation
It’s a crucial aspect of digital marketing and a key component of brand consistency. A well-crafted content strategy is vital for your brand message, conveying your targeted audience and driving desired results.

Our talented team can assist you with your multimedia needs, from photography to video and other forms of multimedia. We can help you with different platforms such as Facebook, Instgram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok & Snapchat.

Inbound Engagement Monitoring
Studies said that more than 85% of clients prefer connecting with brands, making facilitating connections on your social media platforms essential.

Inbound engagement monitoring includes responding to audience inquiries by responding to comments and interactions with content and profiles to create a lasting connection between your brand and your fans.

Analytics Monitoring
Our experts will gather your insights and analyze them against your brand metrics “KPIs,” such as engagement, impressions, and click-through rates, to ensure the desired results are accomplished.

Your social media campaign will be data-driven through our Analytics monitoring solutions so you can see tangible results in your ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the critical metrics for measuring the success of a social media campaign?
Key metrics include engagement rate, conversion, clicks, reach, and website traffic. Additionally, using social media listing tools could be very helpful in tracking hashtags, mentions, and brand’s related keywords.
How often should a company post on social media?
It depends on the platform, targeted audiences, and type of content. We recommend posting several times weekly on Facebook and LinkedIn and daily on Instgram and Twitter. Take note one of the common reasons people, unlike pages, is the too much updating.
What are the risks of social media for businesses?
The risks include negative comments and customer feedback that impact brand reputation and privacy and security issues. Hiring a professional digital marketing agency will help you handle these risks.
How can businesses handle negative comments and feedback on social media?
Professional responding in a positive and respectful tone, providing solutions for the issues, and taking the conversation offline if necessary can handle these risks.