Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development has gained great popularity in recent years among many companies due to its ability and apparent effectiveness in providing the best solutions in the shortest time and at the lowest costs that may be spent in developing each application for each platform separately.

In this article, we will talk briefly about Cross Platform App Development technology, which many companies have found as a haven for them from the original applications, as well as we will talk about the means of applying this type of apps, and the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of it.

What is cross platform app?

Multi-platform applications are smartphone applications that have been developed to work on different operating environments, and to be compatible with more than one operating system such as Android, iOS, and Microsoft.

With the help of cross-platform app development, developers can create apps that work across different platforms using a unified programming language, which means that apps can be launched faster and with higher quality on app stores.

And because the application is compatible with various operating environments, it reaches a larger segment of users, which makes this type of application an excellent choice for startups.

As we mentioned earlier, the popularity of cross-platform applications has recently increased dramatically, especially with the increase in the number of smartphone users, as the number of smartphone users in the United States reached about 275.66 million users in 2020, and the surprising thing is that these users spend 80% of their time on smartphone screens.

After realizing the importance of this technology, many companies have joined the race to create smart applications that can work in the Google and Apple operating environments, to gain an advantage over their competitors.

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Advantages of Cross Platform App Development

The cross platform app development technology has many advantages that have attracted the attention of many companies to adopt them in designing their own application, and these advantages can be summarized in the following points:

  • An Economic App

This technology is characterized as an economical technology, as it allows you to get two or three applications for almost the price of developing one application.

  • Time saving technology

This feature is related to the previous feature, as a result of the multi-platform technology allows you to develop two applications at the same time. This will help you to publish the application in half the time that it may take to build an application for each platform separately, and after that it will enable you to start marketing as quickly as possible.

  • Effective technology

The third advantage of cross platform app development technology revolves around the fact that it does not require a large team of developers to deal with it, as it is an effective technology that can be easily accomplished.

  • Feasible technology

This technology is characterized by the fact that it can be used to develop applications even in offline mode.

Disadvantages of cross platform development

As with any other technology, the numerous advantages of cross-platform application development technology do not preclude the presence of some minor disadvantages related to this technology, and these disadvantages can be limited to the following:

  • Cross platform applications may not reach the same extreme efficiency as native applications dedicated to a specific program such as Android or iOS, as these applications use a specific programming language for a fixed operating system, such as C language for the Apple operating system, and Java for Android.


  • Multi-platform applications may not have the same speed and reliability compared to the original applications, as the original applications are designed specifically for a specific operating system, as it is designed to be compatible with the user interface and functions of the system, to achieve the most use of the features of its operating system.


But you should not worry about the performance of the multi-platform application, as the development platforms concerned with this type of applications are constantly evolving in terms of achieving the latest technologies for the development environment, and innovative solutions to produce highly efficient applications.

Today, we have many tools and techniques that developers use to develop multi-platform applications with smooth and advanced performance, in a style similar to the original applications.


Development tools needed to build a cross platform app


There are many tools and techniques that developers can use to build an app quickly and reliably, and below is one of the popular and powerful tool that you can choose to design your own across platforms app:

  • React Native

React Native (RN) is a popular mobile application framework based on JavaScript that enables you to create mobile applications that render natively on both iOS and Android platforms.

The framework also allows you to build an application for several platforms using the same code.

React Native framework was first released by the popular Facebook platform as an open source project in 2015. In just two years, it has become one of the best solutions used for mobile development.

React Native development is also used to power some of the world’s leading mobile apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Skype.

The goal of using React Native is to make it easier for developers to work across all mobile platforms with the motto — Learn once, write everywhere.


At Squid Nomad, we offer cross platform app development that saves you up to 40% on development costs. This service allows you to create an app that can run on both IOS and Android without compromising the speed of the app or the user interface.

The development of your cross platform app is based on a highly trained group of our technical experts with experience in implementing various types of mobile applications compatible with all different phone systems Android, iOS, and Microsoft.

At Squid Nomad, we also provide you with an integrated set of marketing services that you can use to improve the performance of your own business along with developing your own mobile application. All you have to do is contact us and inquire about our various services that we offer you and how through them you can get the highest return on investment that enables you to reap huge profits.

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