Whiteboard Animation Video Production in UAE

Whiteboard Animation Video Production in UAE enjoys the attention of many large companies, recognizing its great importance in delivering the marketing message to clients, which is met by a great interaction from them, through this interesting technology that can deliver information accurately, easily, and smoothly.
Below, we’re going to talk briefly about this prominent technology that can help you brilliantly connect with your potential customers and get them to make the desired action and interact with your brand as much as possible.

What is whiteboard animation video?

A whiteboard explainer video is a recently popular way used by many companies. This technique uses static images drawn on a screen in front of an audience and is marked as an important form of video explainer, which has been exploited initially by animators for many years.
Whiteboard animation videos are used to document suppliers in their animation production process only in the past. But nowadays, it is not necessary to capture whiteboard animation like it used to be, but you can use programs that can be used to create it.
Whiteboard explainer video is used to express a specific message that is oriented to specific clients, and whiteboard video productions have masterfully succeeded in doing that. Due to its ability to communicate information without confusion, by relying on the whiteboard and pen only to speak to clients.
The cost of developing video animation is a major concern for many companies, especially for companies with limited budgets. But your use of this effective tool will not cost you much. Whiteboard explainer video tells an entertaining story without breaking or even diluting your budget.

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Reasons for using whiteboard animation video

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider this great tool more than all your powerful marketing tools.

Generating Organic Reach

2D whiteboard animation video technique can help you in reducing your website bounce rate and get a large amount of organic traffic from Google search engine. Using this style of video on your website will allow your customers to spend more time on it than on your competitors’ websites.
According to statistics, people spend 2.6 times more on video sites than others. So, if you are looking to increase the conversion rate of your website, just create your own whiteboard videos.

Capture the viewer’s attention

Getting your visitor’s attention in this competitive digital world is near to impossible. But it’s all thanks to the animated characters. Whiteboard animation videos can help you effectively capture your visitors’ attention to your own brand, product, or service that you serve. Then you will get a higher call rate to buy your service or product.

Easy way to explain

With a 2D whiteboard animation video, you can easily describe your product or services to your potential customers. It’s really a perfect way to introduce entertaining and informative video types. Organizations usually use this genre to tell their clients the company’s story and ideas in this form of video content.

Establish a strong relationship

Animated videos in general play a significant role in building stronger bonds with their audience, as it aims to provide the audience with interesting videos to learn from them. People feel very connected while watching whiteboard-type videos.

Use Anywhere

The versatility of this type of video is an important factor for people to choose to use whiteboard animation videos. It’s a video style that can be used anywhere on your website’s product page and your social networks YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Get loyal customers

Whiteboard videos strive to bring many viewers and customers to your business as possible. It can attract visitors’ eyes through the use of visuals.
It also can connect with the audience and turn them into loyal customers for the brand.

High click rate

Creating whiteboard animation videos is very important for your business. As it can increase the number of clicks on your website and posts. Remember very well that the more clicks, the more traffic and thus the better conversions.


Of course, any business is based on providing a service or product that a group of people needs, and therefore there is an opportunity to interact with the aforementioned. But if you want to stand out from your competitors, follow the trend and link it to your products and services by creating whiteboard animation videos which are always trendy and get many organic views on YouTube.
Whiteboard video is well suited to marketing in general, because these types of videos are more shareable on social sites and able to get more connections.

As we mentioned, whiteboard video can be used on all platforms, as it is ideal on social media because it is used as promotional images. And when it is an explainer video or a business testimonial, it will usually be best to place it on the home page or part of the “about us” page of the company’s website. It will also be very ideal to display whiteboard videos on TV.

Who needs Whiteboard video design?

Although whiteboard video is very popular with educators, trainers, and educational video producers because it is particularly useful for explaining complex concepts, it can be also used for any type of business and produce great results.

How Squid Nomad can boost your reach?

If you ask about Whiteboard explainer video company, Squid Nomad will be your best choice. We offer you the best animation services that can help you express even the most complex concepts in a simplified way for your brand or organization, so you can ensure your business runs well and has a better return on investment.
Our team has extensive experience in creating high-quality visual content that takes your brand videos to the highest level of accuracy and professionalism through their mastery of advanced technologies in the video and animation industry.
You can get the best Whiteboard Animation Video Production in UAE only if you contact us now, to get the best ROI with your explainer video and get the achievement you deserve.

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