How to Make Cartoon Advertisement Video ?

How to Make Cartoon Advertisement Video

In this article, we will show you how to make cartoon advertisement video to present it to your customers in a fun and interesting way that cannot be easily forgotten, as well as we will tell you briefly the difference between 2D and 3D animated video ads and their importance in marketing your products or services that you provide.

There are many types of videos spread recently, which are relied upon in marketing and promotion activities for a specific business or product, but animation videos remain the best of all, as they reach the largest number of people with the utmost ease and attract everyone if they are designed with quality, innovation, and directed accurately.

Animation videos need creativity and great experience from the designer, as the design of an animation video needs to go through many stages, and for this reason, when designing an animation video, it is preferable to seek the help of a specializing company.

How to design an animation video?

Animation video design requires prior experience in this field, as the design of an animation video requires mastery of many programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and other animation programs.

Every stage in designing an animation video needs a specialized person, and these stages include:

  • Writing the text (Script): Writing the text is relied upon in the audio recording and in moving the words in the video. The script must be written by a specialist, as it needs an abbreviation and focus on what is important, and this stage is the base for designing a professional animation video.
  • Graphic design: Some graphics are relied upon during movement, and among these graphics are drawings of things and people, and these graphics are designed by specialized people.
  • Voice recording stage: in this stage, the written script is recorded in the voice of a person who specializes in that.
  • Animation stage: It is the stage in which the graphics and writing are animated with the audio recording, and it is the stage after which the video is produced.

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The difference between 2D and 3D animation advertisements

2D and 3D are used to refer to (graphic image technology), such as photography, animation, and (computer graphics), as in 3D movies, characters and events are represented by three-dimensional elements, which are much like what we see in real life, instead of the traditional 2D flat images.


  • 2D Animation Advertisement

2D animation is the process of creating animated videos using 2D animation techniques. 2D animation video is a powerful tool in marketing and advertising campaigns, as it can deliver the marketing message innovatively and attractively to the target audience.

We can summarize the advantages of 2D animation videos as follows:

  • The 2D animation video is distinguished by its unique and attractive artistic style, as designers can use bright colors and dynamic movements to create a world full of imagination and creativity, and this helps in attracting the attention of the audience and distinguishing it from competitors. Many studies have proven that audio-visual advertising campaigns such as videos leave a positive impact on customers and help them make a purchase decision over display ads.
  • 2D animation videos can simplify complex concepts and make them more understandable to the audience. Through the use of characters and animations, information can be explained in a simple and fun way, and this helps enhance consumers’ understanding of the product or service and increases the likelihood of making a purchase decision.
  • The 2D animation video can communicate the marketing message effectively and distinctively, as characters and visual elements can be designed in a way that reflects the values ​​and personality of the business, and this helps in building the corporate identity and enhancing brand awareness among the public.
  • The success of 2D video animation can be measured by tracking data and metrics. Social media analytics and scores can be used to measure the number of views, shares, and interactions with a video. This information helps evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and makes strategic decisions.


  • 3D Animation Advertisement

3D video design occupies great importance in advertising campaigns, as 3D video is one of the latest technologies used in the marketing field, and it has a significant impact on attracting audience attention and enhancing brand awareness.

Here are the most important features of this type of marketing and advertising video:

  • 3D video design is characterized by its high quality and realism, where designers can create amazing virtual worlds that look very realistic, and this helps attract audience attention and create an enjoyable and exciting viewing experience.
  • 3D video can better explain products and services, and 3D design can be used to show product details clearly and excitingly, and this helps consumers to better understand the product and make a purchase decision.
  • 3D video helps to deliver the marketing message strongly and distinctively, as visual elements and 3D characters can be designed in a way that reflects the business’ identity and its value. This helps in building corporate identity and enhancing brand awareness among consumers.
  • 3D video can be used to share and create interactive experiences. Users can interact with the 3D elements and experience the virtual world in innovative and exciting ways. This helps in enhancing interaction and engagement with the brand and increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  • The success of 3D video can be measured by tracking data and metrics. Video and brand analytics can be used to measure the number of views, shares, and interactions on a video.


You need only one decision to start making your cartoon video for advertisement and marketing your products or services, or to raise awareness of your brand and give it maximum stability in the public mind.

At Squid Nomad, we have a wealth of experience in designing animated marketing videos for business to attract the largest number of audiences and ensure that the marketing process is completed in an attractive and fun way so that the audience does not feel bored.

Contact us now and create your own marketing cartoon video to get the best possible marketing results through.

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