Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance

If you own a mobile application to manage your online business and commercial activity through it, of course you will encounter some software shortcomings that make your application not work at its highest efficiency, so do not worry at Squid Nomad we can solve all these problems and reach the best performance for your application that satisfies your customers to be a factor of your future success, all this is through Mobile App Maintenance service provided by us.

In this article, we will tell you about the advantages of Mobile App Maintenance service, and the types of problems that the maintenance service can deal with, but before we start, we will try to talk briefly about the importance of developing mobile apps for various companies, and for each company to have its own application.

The Importance of Developing Mobile Apps for Companies

Any company owning an application for its brand is already a qualitative leap in the growth of its business, as mobile application programming is no longer dedicated to simple activities such as knowing the weather and the calendar as we used to see it, but today it has become an effective means and an important factor in automating services and the success of institutions, related to many advantages and the services it provides, including:

  • Strengthening the brand’s reputation

Having a mobile application dedicated to your customers means that you care about them and the quality of your services, because with the increasing pace of technological progress, consumers’ expectations for corporate services are also increasing, and many companies resort to meeting these expectations by issuing a mobile application that has a great user experience that increases your professionalism and strengthens reputation of its brand in the market.

  • Knowledge of user behavior

And through this important feature, you can get to know the customer’s personality more, and study his tendencies and orientations by studying and analyzing the data collected by the application, and monitoring the user’s behavior and choices in order to work on developing the quality of services in the future in accordance with the user’s nature and preferences.

  • Quick way to communicate with your clients

Mobile App provides a quick and direct means of communication with customers, so that they can easily be informed of updates, promotions, and new products or services, by showing them in application notifications, for example.

Your mobile application also helps customers and the public to communicate quickly with your technical support and customer service, to ask questions or request services.

  • Increase engagements and profits

You can retain the largest percentage of your customers and your return on investment by working to increase customer interaction with your brand. And you can easily do this through your application, you can target your audience effectively and send customized messages and accurate recommendations that are commensurate with the customer’s requirements, which encourages them to take the necessary actions, whether by communication, purchase, or even participation.

The presence of discounts and loyalty programs is also an effective way to attract their interest.

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Types of problems that Mobile App Maintenance Service can solve

Through the Mobile App Maintenance service, you can solve many emergency problems that may face your business mobile application. Among the most prominent solutions provided by the Mobile App Maintenance services are the following:

  • Solving problems related to design compatibility with screen sizes.
  • Modifying the design interface to be more user-friendly and interactive.
  • Solve software problems and errors.
  • Solving problems related to app ​​implementing idea.
  • Addressing problems related to databases and data storage.
  • The possibility of implementing new software ideas to keep pace with customer evolution.
  • Solving problems related to the speed of hosting and protection.
  • Periodic content maintenance and updating, to keep pace with customer evolution.

Features of technical support service and app maintenance

  • Professional design

Mobile App Maintenance service seeks to provide you with a professional design that highlights your application at first sight, reflects your brand identity, and provides a distinctive design that attracts users’ attention, is easy to use, and provides them with a great user experience.

  • Continuous technical support

Mobile application development companies not only aim to create and publish mobile applications, but also constantly update applications, and provide continuous technical support to improve and develop all applications.

  • Fast results

At Squid Nomad, we also offer you a full range of complete mobile application development and maintenance services that enable you to highlight your services and products and get very fast and effective results through them.

If you are still asking what is the need for software maintenance and support services? We’ll answer you that Mobile app maintenance services is one of the most important services provided by phone application development companies, which many may be ignorant of. As there is a common belief among many that testing and publishing are the last step in mobile application programming, but in fact it is not the end. The stage of maintenance and continuous support is as important as any of the previous steps.

After publishing the application, you will start receiving comments and feedback from users about problems they may encounter during the period of use, and therefore you will have to quickly respond to these notes by setting a mobile app maintenance plan and start maintaining any existing software bugs and updating the application.

The mobile application maintenance service provided by us in Squid Nomad is one of the long-term services through which we continue to improve the features and services of the application to meet all user expectations. The maintenance service provided by us also includes updating software licenses, bug fixes, data analytics and editing features.

Our mobile application maintenance services are based on a trained group of our technical experts who are able to extend a helping hand to you at any time to create and improve your business mobile application, to be of the highest level of quality and extreme accuracy, which is later reflected in actual profits.

Only if you want to start implementing your mobile application or work on improving it to meet the needs of your customers all the time, just contact us at Squid Nomad and we will help you develop and it in the best possible way to make you stand out from your competitors, attract your customers to use it, and provide them with a very unique experience.

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