How to Make a Website Look Good ?

How to Make a Website Look Good ?

If you already have your own website, of course, you will wonder from time to time, how to make a website look good? To make sure that your website performs at its best and looks great to your audience.

In this article, we will show you the most important tips and basics that make your website a good and unique one through which you can achieve the best results.

7 Tips to Make your Website Look Good

Managing websites is not always easy as many people think, many of them design their websites and leave them without management or care. In the following points, we have collected for you the most important steps and tools that you need to successfully manage your website.

  • Simple and attractive design

In the beginning, your website should not be disorganized, it should be simple and good. In fact, simple designs are the most popular and effective among other websites.

At Squid Nomad, we help you design your website in a simple and attractive way to make it stand out in front of your audience and provide them with a great experience.

  • Website browsing and loading speed

Visitors are always in a hurry, we are now in the era of speed and instant answers, so your website needs a high loading speed to provide a good user experience, and so that your audience does not turn away from it to other competitors.

In Squid Nomad, we provide you with the best software services in web design and increase its relevance to improving the user experience through it.

  • Website adaptation to different screen sizes

With the spread of smartphones, everyone has a smartphone that enables them to access the Internet, and of course, you know smartphone screen sizes differ from one phone to another, as they are diverse.

This diversity of screen sizes imposes on major websites and companies, in turn, the need for the website to be suitable for all screens, as a factor in improving the website’s ranking in search engines.

Of course, we cannot overlook this point in Squid Nomad, as we can adapt your website to all devices and mobile phones so that you do not lose a segment of your visitors and reach them by all available means.

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Cross Platform App Development

Mobile App Maintenance

  • Configuring the website for search engines

When managing your website, it is important to start preparing the website for search engines, either by using keywords that customers search for and including them in the content of the pages themselves, blogging, or through backlinks (links to your website on other website pages), as search engines tend to improve the ranking of websites that start publishing content that benefits customers more, unlike sites that do not produce or update their content.

At Squid Nomad, we have a technical team at the highest level of professionalism in improving the results of websites on search engines, to get a higher ranking among competitors, so do not hesitate to take advantage of our SEO services.

Providing exclusive and great-quality content continuously contributes to increasing the number of visitors and their association with the website, and positively affects the bounce rate.

Also, stopping publishing will negatively affect the good performance of the website, and the ranking of some articles in search engines may begin to decrease, which leads to the loss of visitors.

All types of content that you provide on your website must be unique and directed to a specific target group, and you must continue to add the content of this value to your website constantly so that visitors get used to finding a new article on your website daily, every three days, or every week at most.

Among the services that we provide to you at Squid Nomad is providing high-quality content related to your products and services, or everything related to the latest news about your industry, moment by moment.


  • Website maintenance

If you use one of the content management systems, it may be difficult for you to maintain the website and ensure its operation around the clock every day, and you will need to pay an expert in WordPress or others to maintain your website or to learn programming yourself in order to maintain your website.

At Squid Nomad, our services do not end once your website is running and presented to you. Rather, we are constantly maintaining your website to ensure that we provide the best experience for your website user.

  • Analytics review

Your website analytics contains useful information about website visits, number of clicks, customer geographic location, search volume, etc., which gives you access to various details that will help you improve your website.

In Squid Nomad, we rely mainly on reviewing website analytics in building your website optimization strategy to reach your users correctly and adapt your website to their characteristics.


  • Continuously improving the visitor experience

This advice may be the sum of all advice, or you can consider it a law to follow if you want your website to succeed on the Internet, the visitor is the ultimate goal that you need. Therefore, everything that the visitor needs is important, such as renewable and great quality content, and that your website is easy and fast to browse and suitable for different screen sizes.

In conclusion, if you apply the previous tips of managing exclusive and renewable content, paying attention to the website’s high speed and its suitability for various devices, while managing periodic marketing campaigns, there is no doubt that you will achieve success very soon.


At Squid Nomad, we have tremendous experience in web design, as we have experience in how to design a website from scratch? And how to make a website look professional?

Of course, we know how to design a website for business, for this reason, we offer you our services in improving websites’ performance and giving them preference in your industry competitor’s market through a group of our specialized experts.

Contact us now and start designing or improving your own website and do not fall behind others.

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